Image representing how to find your perfect flatshare

Moving to London on your lonesome? Looking for a shared house to move into?

… Nervous?

No wonder. Finding your perfect flatshare can be a daunting experience. Especially when the demand for a reasonably-priced room with a nice group of non-nutters seems to far outweigh supply. So what’s a (temporarily) homeless hopeful to do?

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Image representing moving in with friends

Ah, living with friends. Surrounding yourself with the people in your life you rate the most. The one who are the most fun on a night, the ones you find yourself calling up whenever things go wrong, the ones that never fail to make you smile. You can’t think of anyone you’d like to sit up drinking with until the early hours or spend Saturday morning comatose on the sofa with, groaning off the hangover from the night before. This is going to be brilliant.

What could go wrong?

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